Sunday, July 20, 2014

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The Great Courses are great!

Do you ever feel like you want to learn more about a subject? Yet, you don't feel like having the restrictions of going to a college course? You want an excellent, well thought out, easy to understand course, but not something that is just dribble? Or dumbed down?

You want to actually learn!

That's where The Great Courses comes in.

The Great Courses is about quality. Of the top 500,000 professors from college, The Great Courses selects only the top 1% to teach one of the classes. These are award-winning experts from the best institutions in the world, for you.

Quality is also ensured because each course is put through a rigorous quality control process from every phase of the course. Meaning, at each step, from development, production, manufacturing, and even the process of shipping is tested.

The Great Courses has been around for 20 years. The product is of such high standard, the company can remain n business, and continue to satisfy customers.

Some courses are The New Testament, Writing Creative Nonfiction, The Art of Critical Decision Making, Ethics of Aristotle, and Understand the Brain. That's just to name a few!

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The Art of Storytelling