Saturday, October 25, 2014

80% off 12 Essential Scientific Concepts with our The Great Course coupon

The Great Courses coupon

Have you ever wanted to know more about science? You want to learn, but you don't want just some flimsy article in a magazine. You want real knowledge. You want something like you would have learned in college. Only problem is, you don't have time for a college course.

That's okay! That's what The Great Courses coupon is for.

You can now take college level courses without the college level of commitment. You can take the course whenever, and where ever you want. You are not a slave to some arbitrary schedule. If Tuesday nights are when you can learn, so be it.

You can also learn in whatever format you want. The courses are offered on DVD, CD, download, and streaming. Therefore the learning is tailored specifically for you.

This course in particular, is fantastic. It highlights 12 Essential Scientific Concepts for just $39.95. The science is great. You get to learn about nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. The course, as always, is taught by a professor in the top 1% of her field.

Excellence all around.

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