Friday, November 14, 2014

80% off Understanding the Science of Tomorrow with our The Great Courses coupon

 The Great Courses coupon
The Great Courses coupon

Yay! We have a new course to offer with our The Great Courses coupon! This course is called Understanding the Science for Tomorrow: Myth and Reality. It, too, is 80% off.

This course explores the many possibilities of what our future may look like through 24 lectures by research scientist and Professor Jeffrey C. Grossman of M.I.T. Some of these areas include transportation, computing, medicine, and energy.

In-depth conversation will occur over how computing will advance from optical computing to quantum computing. Just think of the world as it was before the internet and how much it has changed. What will these new technologies cause our world to look like? What things will be possible?

Medicine will move toward nanotechnology and could help us deliver drugs to very specific parts of the body -- saving us from unwanted side effects.

Even more topics that will be covered is robotics, genetic engineering, and biofuels. Professor Grossman always takes great care to emphasize facts over fiction.

The nice thing about these 24 lectures is that by the end, you will have a larger sense of fundamental principles that are being used in the current day to make your world better tomorrow.

This course is very exciting. If you love learning, and learning from the best, this sale is for you.

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