Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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I was at a party yesterday and this guy was amazing. Everyone seemed to like him. He was funny, charming, and warm. He never really had to even leave from where he was standing -- everyone just kept coming over to him.

I asked one of my friends about him. Who was that guy? Oh, that's Devon. Everybody loves Devon.

I went over there to talk to him, and introduced myself. Within the first few minutes of talking with him, he made me feel like the most important person in the room. Also, he made me laugh. He told the best stories.

Apparently, after asking around about him a little bit more, that's what Devon does with everyone. He makes them laugh and can immediately put people at ease.

He does this through his ability to be engaging with people.

That's what this class can do for you. It can turn you into the person everyone gravitates toward. The person who puts people at ease. The person who does this by telling perfect stories.

The Art of Storytelling will go into how to create a narrative. It applies to whether it is orally, or the written word. It goes through the psychology of what makes a good narrative, of why people are drawn to it.

Are you thinking to yourself, I don't know. Do I really want to take a course? Well, the course is currently 80% off with our The Great Courses coupon. So there really isn't much of a risk to it. I mean, isn't it worth it to be better at storytelling? To be more engaging? To be the coworker everyone wants on their team?

I think so.

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