Friday, August 21, 2015

This August get The Science of Mindfulness for 80% off with our The Great Courses coupon

The Great Courses coupon
We have a new course! This one is called The Science of Mindfulness and it can now be yours for 80% this August with our The Great Courses coupon.

Dr. Ronald Siegal, a professor at Harvard, teaches this course. He shares with us how modern science, combined with ancient wisdom and traditions of mindfulness can help us deal better with stresses. The goal is to lead healthier and more calm lives.

The series goes into how our human brain and autonomic nervous systems are hardwired to follow the same pathways. That's why pain is such a hard thing to get rid of. Habits that form are hard to break.

This series teaches us how to rewire those pathways. Why those pathways get set in the first place.

Here are some of the topics:

Why Mindfulness Matters
Interrupting Addiction and Troublesome Habits
Transforming Chronic Pain
Placebos, Illness, and the Power of Belief

We can all stand to learn a better way of doing things. This series will help you do just that.

Check it out today.

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