Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Do you have stories to tell? We can help you this month!

Have I told you guys about my friend who says you spend your life perfecting your top ten stories? I think The Art of Storytelling would help with this, and we can help with our The Great Courses coupon!

So, my pal Michael says that you keep growing and learning and living for however long you keep curating your "Top 10 Stories" of your life.  Some drop out over time, some stay the whole length of your life. You keep culling and improving your stories.

And when you are done curating? That's when you start to die, according to Michael. Because storytelling is what keeps you lively and loving life.

And it's so easy to learn with this lecture series. Each lecture is also broken down into 30 minute pieces, and consumable in many formats: DVDs, audio, all kinds of things.

So get yourself some knowledge and start telling even better stories!

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