Saturday, March 7, 2015

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Who doesn't want to treat their body well? We only have one body, so we have to treat it with the upmost respect.

Therefore, I am always interested in the science behind how I can lead a more healthy lifestyle. That's why I love this series Stress and Your Body.

It is now available for less with our The Great Courses coupon.

This series is divided up into 24 episodes that go into detail about how stress can effect the body in various ways.

Some of the highlights, for me,  were the episodes on: Stress Management - Clues to Success, Stress Management - Approaches and Cautions, and Understanding Psychological Stress.

I think too often we think of stress as only the psychological aspect, not how disease and physical trauma are also stressors to the body. This series goes into how stress effects the heart, cancer, and reproduction. We've all heard the rumor that people go to adopt, only to find out they are pregnant already. Once the stress is away, does it make it easier to conceive?

Let's find out.

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