Sunday, June 28, 2015

How Ideas Spread now 80% off with our The Great Courses coupon

The Great Courses coupon
How Ideas Spread now 80% off with our The Great Courses coupon.

This series is taught by Jonah Berger, Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. He holds a B.A. in Human Judgement and Decision Making from Stanford University and a Ph.D. from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

What this really means is that he knows what he is talking about.

He is particularly versed in this topic as he wrote a book called Contagious: WhyThings Catch On, which appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list.

So if you have ever wanted to know why your blog is not popular, but someone else's is, this is the lecture series to learn from.

There are 12 lectures in the course, some are listed as follows:

  • Social Epidemics - Why Things Catch On
  • Word of Mouth - Powerful and Persuasive
  • The Social Currency of Shared Ideas

If you have ever wanted to learn more about this sort of ting, an we all do -- we all want our Instagram photos looked at more than another person, this is the lecture for you.

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