Sunday, June 21, 2015

Learn how to get your message across for less with our The Great Courses coupon for the series How Ideas Spread

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This course is taught by Professor Jonah Berger Ph.D from the University of Pennsylvania. 73% of users would recommend the course to a friend.

And why not?

Everyone wants to learn how to get their messages across. Whether that be a YouTube video, Instagram, or even a personal blog, people want to know how to reach more readers and viewers. Why does one photo go viral while another does not?

Some of the topics that are discussed are:

  • Word of Mouth
  • Messages that go Viral
  • Social Networks
  • Tracking Results

Get your ideas out there! Learn from the best! Take these discussion points and apply them to improving your own project. Everyone should definitely have the chance to see your football vlog, or perhaps how cute your puppy is. Maybe what really needs to be out there is how scared you were of the cockroach in your apartment. Better yet, maybe in 2016, we can see you celebrate your football team winning the Super Bowl!

If you have ever wanted to reach more people, this course is for you.

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