Monday, September 14, 2015

Want to learn the Art of Storytelling? This September it's 80% off with our The Great Courses coupon!

Want to up your storytelling game? You can get 80% off The Art of Storytelling with our The Great Courses coupon.

Everyone's a storyteller, this we know. It's how we share information and lives and everything else. We all story tell all the time, so why not learn how to make your stories the most memorable?

It's not simply a matter of retelling what you know: there's so much more to making a compelling story! Pacing, foreshadowing, timing … all these things matter!

Want to know something?

The Art of Storytelling
I have a friend who says that your whole life is just a series of revisions to the ten best stories you tell about yourself. Once you stop revising the Top Ten list, it's all down hill from there!

So use our great coupons to get yourself hooked up and learning to share your Top Ten! We're waiting!

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