Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Guys! Guys! Learn how you can get How Great Science Fiction Works for FREE in March with our The Great Courses coupon!

Awesome course!
Really, if you like scifi, you shouldn't wait another moment to get the How Great Science Fiction Works with our The Great Courses coupon!

Science fiction comes in a million different flavors. Some tinged with lots of sciencey science talk, some with a little fantasy. When I was young I love the mix of both. To be fair, when I was young I loved all kinds of reading.

But this course is taught by Professor Gary K. Wolfe, and you'll learn so much about tropes, necessary ways to deal with space and science. 

Why learn about how great science fiction works? I mean, if you're not a writer of sci fi why does it matter at all?  Good question, but honestly why wouldn't you want to know if you could. More information is better I always say.

Just think about it — what happens if the world ends and it's just you and all the processed foods you can eat and all the books you can read forever and ever. You might want to know right off the bat if what you're reading works!

This course can tell you that, and so much more!

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